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Trade Houses in Texas Territory

Trading post were better known as trade houses during the early settlements where goods were channeled to ranch families and Indians, and included over-night camps for traveling parties.

The importance of the trading posts in Texas history is acknowledge as a stepping stone for the expansion of economic growth of the territory. There is much to be said of trade houses and the lively stories surrounding their existence.  

Spanish explorers set up missions which included military posts as the first trading connection with Indians.  Although establishment was intended to further Spanish goals to the new world, missions open the path for all civilization.

Not until the 1850s, did passage of goods improve.  Steamboat was a typical but problematic transporter.  After a long struggle in obtaining an appropriate precursor, the railroad became a major advancement for transportation of goods and expansion of migration.

Famous Traders

Jumano Indians, Buffalo hunters and traders.

Caddo Tribe.

Wichita Tribe.

French Trade.

The Glass Expedition

Roy Bean

Trading Posts