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Great buys for your road-trip!

1.  Fatigue:  One of the most dangerous types of road hazard is drivers fatigue.  The risks can prove costly if not fatal.  And while Texas monitors vehicle safety, safe driving habits should be on every driver's agenda. 

Ways to combating fatigue start with common habits.  Lessen your meal intake, get enough rest, be hydrated, and be true to yourself to take a break when your mind or body feels tired.  For those in need of a little boost, technology can help along the way as an addition to, not the resolution:

  • Plotting your destination with rest-stops along the way is smart, easy and safe.  Rest-Stop Plus for the iphone and ipad includes over 4,000 breakstops such as welcome centers, plazas, restrooms, pet-friendly centers, RV dump stations, picnic tables and even Wi-Fi.
  • The Anti-Sleep Pilot: A device with built-in sensors alarms you when it is time to take break from driving. Avg cost: $250.

2.  Meet the modern picnic basket!  The Koolatron Compact Kooler can hold up to 23 soft drink cans, weighs only 9 pounds and fits snug behind the passenger seat.  It is versatile by serving both as a cooler and a warmer for your specific temperature needs.  Cost $99

3.  Pillow:  Although a favorite bed pillow provides comfort for a great night sleep, it may be too bulky or not fluffy enough for a passenger cat nap. The Z Sleep Travel Pillow provides great cushion for the upright position.  Supports the whole body not just the head and is inflatable so you can take anywhere.

4.  Snacks:  Best snacks for road travel are the ones that fill you up but are healthy and appetizing such as nuts, fruit, or cheesesticks.  But what happens when you opened the bag to reseal or don't have the right containers to keep the freshness in and the bulkiness out? 
​For kids:  Make it fun by using a tackle box! Kids will enjoy  divided snacks into each compartment and will look forward to their own box without even thinking about fast food drive-ins along the way.
For adults: Canning jars or plastic containers filled with favorite snacks will certainly curb the convenient store junk food.

5.  Maps/Compass:  Although most modern cars are equipped with a GPS system, they remain imperfect.  An updated map still makes sense in todays high tech world to curb those unexpected GPS communication glitches.  When lost with no GPS, a compass is a life-saver and can get you back on the road in the right direction.

6.  Cell Phone Charger:  A cell phone has become a necessary tool in daily life but without a regular charge-up, it becomes useless.  A regular charge-up goes a long way.  But be a cautious driver and make use of the cell phone at pit-stops and for emergencies only.

7.  Roadside Service:  Always keep a copy of your insurance card in your glove compartment but also include your road side assistance information available within reach.

8.  Rotate those tire! Before venturing out on the road, rotating tires is for safety and a sure way to increase the life of each tire, especially in the hot climate.  

9.   Lubes/Water:  Take care of your engine, transmission, and radiator like you do your body.  Change the oil, check the transmission fluid and the radiator for appropriate levels of fluids.

10.  Emergency Kit:  All road warriors must be prepared with an emergency kit.  Create your own by adding non perishables but make sure all the essentials are included: bandaids, alcohol swabs, eye drops, water, a blanket, a battery-operated weather band radio, and a good flash light.

11.  Organize that bag!:  Duffle bags, back-packs, and hand bags have always been great compact ways to travel lightly.  But if you must pack for a longer trip, make use of special vacuum sealable bags.  They help reduce the volume your clothing takes up by at least half.

12.  Satellite Radio:  Satellite radio offers an enormous breadth of channel selections.  From music genre to talk radio, sports to comedy, satellite radio keeps you in tune without dreary commercial announcements.
Whether for business or pleasure, including the right gear and the right break-stops makes for a comfortable road trip. 
Drivin' Texas

No one said it better than writer, John Steinbeck.  Texas roads lead to majestic scenic routes, historical monuments, and memorable moments. From El Paso to Houston, Dallas to Laredo, Amarillo to Galveston, the distance traveled in between is truly a Lone Star experience.  
Locate Texas Tolls  throughout the state.
State Rest-Stops 
Offering welcome centers, vending machines, clean restrooms, picnic tables, and some with fulltime information staff.

Best Break-Stops for
Commercial Transporters

Roadside for Trucks
  Love's Trk Stop Roadside Assistance 
24 hours 1.800.655.6837
  Travel Ctrs Roadside Assistance 
24 hours 1.800.824.7467
  Pilot FJ and Unimaxx Trk Care 
24 hours 1.866.676.8930

Pilot Flying J Locations with amenities

Love's Travel Centers Locations and Fuel Prices

Travel Centers of America-Tx

BillyBobs Texas-Ft. Worth

Rip Griffin Travel Centers

Czech Stop-West, Tx

RoadRanger, Pilot
Be a creature of good habit!  
Drive safely, live safely.