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Movers and shakers leave more than memorable accounts recorded in history whether remarkable or tarnished.  But it is the locals who keep the story alive and passed down to the next generation.  Legends, lore, and legacy are recreated and transformed into remarkable stories by Texas writers, artists, and performers.  
These are the people who explore and compile Texas fact and fiction delivering master pieces at a great distance and with an added twist of fascination.  

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Who is Audie Murphy?

Who is Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson?

Governor Ann Richards, Bigger Than Life


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NPR: How Marfa,Texas came to be famous.

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Learn about the lone survivor of the bloody account at the Alamo.  His name was Joe...
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Texas Legends
The growth of Texas is bursting from the scenes, literally.  Texans are proud of the preservation of its past and dwell on the beauty of its diverse landscape.  

Oil and cattle may be the biggest sources of growth that put Texas on the map after Sam Houston but the most natural treasure comes from its hospitality.  It is the locals who passed down the history of their communities, who spread kindness, add a tall tale or two in conversation and come from diverse backgrounds. 

While the printing press allowed publications about American History to be recorded, documented and preserved another break in technology would increase awareness faster and found in every home.  The television produced programming to fit American interests.  

Texas produced the longest-televised program, Eyes of Texas, hosted by Ray Miller and later Ron Stone, which offered viewers an insight of local life throughout the state while expanding on historical and natural treasures.   Today a flock of travel programs have made their way to the wide open state about Texas travel.   From hiking Big Bend and surviving the wild, to antiquing in Canton and surviving the crowd...the list is endless.

Texas Country Reporter

The Texas Bucket List

​Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Student TV

Movies Made in Texas

I Wanted Wings, 1941, 
Randolph Air Force Base, 
San Antonio, Tx

Giant, 1956, Marfa, Tx

The Last Picture Show, 1971, 
Archer City ,Tx 

Terms of Endearment, 1983
Houston, Tx 

PeeWee's Big Adventure, 1985
San Antonio, Tx

RoboCop, 1987, Houston, Tx

Texasville, 1990, Archer City, Tx

Dazed and Confused, 1993, 
Austin, Tx

Rushmore, 1998, 
Baytown & Houston, Tx

Armageddon, 1998
Houston, Tx

Castaway, 2000,
Canadian, Tx

Boyhood, 2014
Austin, Alpine, Bastop, Houston, Big Bend, Terlingua

RoadsideTexas proudly presents valuable treasures of diverse cultures that laid the foundation of Texas.   Our history begins long before Sam Houston rode into town as Texas was formed and strengthened with the hands of diverse cultures.   To better understand Texas, is to absorb the intimate pride of remarkable, pioneer contributors.

True Native Tribes:  A newly discovered people of the new world helped explorers set-up the frontier for future settlements.  

             Must Reads:  Tribes of Texas

Sam Houston:  7 Unknown Facts about Sam Houston:  Did you  know Sam Houston opposed the secession of Texas to the Confederacy? (HistoryChannel.com)

                                           Must Reads:   life and times of Sam Houston 

Hispanol Tejas Territory:  Spanish exploration and culture is heavily influenced in Texas origination

Mexican officials welcomed Anglo immigrants to Texas territory under conditions.  Slavery and settlement violations by Anglo immigrants created turmoil and uprises.

                                                           Must Reads:    Spanish Roots.
                                               Mexican Legacies
                                                              Mexican American Studies

African Descendants : The first to travel to the new world for the benefit of exploration was a Moor, Estevanico.

The story of Joshua Houston from slavery in Alabama to skilled, literate and prosperous in Texas.  

                                                          Must Reads:      African Descendants
                                                                                   African American Cowboys
                                                                                   AfricanAmerican Studies
                                                                                   Who is Barbara Jordan?

Chinese Laborers:  first arrival of Asian immigrants occurred in the 1870s with the expansion of the railroad.

Texas Legends
Haunting in Texas
Myths, Mysteries, and Haunted History
Presented by Texas State Historical Association
Real Texas Legends are the pioneers of diverse cultures and remarkable contribution.